Polyram Plastic Industries Activities for Environmental Foot Print Reduction

Polyram Plastic Industries Activities for Environmental Foot Print Reduction

Polyram offer a broad spectrum of compounds that allow our customers to produce their components in a more sustainable manner.

Our approach to sustainability can be adapted to suit the needs of individual brands and applications.

Among the sustainable solutions that Polyram offers:

Recycled-based materials:

compounds which can be based on post-consumer and / or post-industrial streams (polypropylene/polyamide/ PET and more).

These compounds adapted to customer requirements and specifications

Recycled compounds typically offer much lower carbon footprint than their prime counter-parts and can be produced using 100% renewable energy at some of our manufacturing locations.

Bio-based and partially bio-based materials:

Wide range of compounds based on renewable source raw materials, polyamides resins such as PA1010, PA610, transparent PA12 and others.

These materials excel in low moisture absorption, low density, good UV and chemical resistance.

Carbon Neutral Solutions (de-carbonizer):

Innovative solution designed to achieve for carbon neutrality or reduce carbon foot-print. Available for Polytron -Long Glass Fibers and Engineering Plastics

Functional Polymers –sustainable solutions

Bondyram Compatibilizers

  • Enabling high-quality plastic recycling
  • Improve Wood/Resin adhesion, mechanical properties, reduces water absorption

Bondyram® ECO TL

Improves compatibility of polar polymers such as EVOH or PA with polyolefins in recycled mixtures & multi-layer film structures


High performance compounds:

Enhance mechanical properties, high heat resistance, chemical resistance.

Plustek PAT& PATH  and Polytron materials are designed to be used as a metal replacement.


Details and additional information can be found in the following link:

 Products (polyram-group.com)

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