Polyram Plastic Industries Activities for Environmental Foot Print Reduction

Polyram offer a broad spectrum of compounds that allow our customers to produce their components in a more sustainable manner. Our approach to sustainability can be adapted to suit the needs of individual brands and applications.

Among the sustainable solutions that Polyram offers

  • Recycled-based materials:

compounds which can be based on post-consumer and / or post-industrial streams (polypropylene/polyamide/ PET and more).

These compounds adapted to customer requirements and specifications

Recycled compounds typically offer much lower carbon footprint than their prime counter-parts and can be produced using 100% renewable energy at some of our manufacturing locations.


  • Bio-based and partially bio-based materials:

Wide range of compounds based on renewable source raw materials, polyamides resins such as PA1010, PA610, transparent PA12 and others.

These materials excel in low moisture absorption, low density, good UV and chemical resistance.

  • Carbon Neutral Solutions (de-carbonizer):

Innovative solution designed to achieve for carbon neutrality or reduce carbon foot-print. Available for Polytron -Long Glass Fibers and Engineering Plastics

  • Functional Polymers –sustainable solutions

Bondyram® Compatibilizers

  • Enabling high-quality plastic recycling
  • Improve Wood/Resin adhesion, mechanical properties, reduces water absorption


Bondyram® ECO TL

Improves compatibility of polar polymers such as EVOH or PA with polyolefins in recycled mixtures & multi-layer film structures

  • High performance compounds:

Enhance mechanical properties, high heat resistance, chemical resistance.

Plustek PAT& PATH  and Polytron materials are designed to be used as a metal replacement.


Details and additional information can be found in the following link:

 Products (

New EP Production Line at our Indiana Facility

The Polyram USA team is ramping up expansion operations expansions to support growing the business and matching increased demand with capacity. Local manufacturing in the USA is a requirement by the automotive industry in the United States since the Coronavirus. To be a player in the USA market and grow market share, we have expanded operations across all product lines and have established a brand-new EP production line at our Indiana facility.

To meet our EP competitors head-on, we have adopted a strategy based on outstanding service, providing customers with unparalleled access to technical support throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our CAE capabilities allow us to assess our customers’ production process and identify faults for correction before products proceed to production. This saves our customers significant losses, a service that we provide at no additional cost.

We engineer tailor-made solutions suiting specific customer requirements with no minim order limitations and meeting uncompromising manufacturing quality standards.

The new EP production line has been equipped with all new advanced compounder machinery by top machinery company Coperion, a respected German machine maker.

Investing in our manufacturing workers, we have developed a groundbreaking training program, giving our employees a deeper understanding of the products and how they are produced. This initiative has been remarkable for our employees and has resulted in enormous improvements in employee engagement, OEE and product quality.

Our EP business in the USA is well positioned as the ultimate product development and manufacturing partner for our customers’ success.

For more information:


Polyram Recycled Materials for Electric Vehicles


As electric vehicles become the norm, Polyram is proud to be a leader in sustainable solutions for this rapidly growing sector. Transforming the industry with Polytron, long glass fibers (LGF) enriched polymers.


With its innovative production method, Polytron consists of a high percentage of recycled materials without compromising on performance or quality, while delivering lightweight plastic parts that extend driving range and adhere to the strictest environmental regulations.


Learn more about how we’re driving change in the automotive world.

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Polyram reports an increase in revenue across all segments and 4% net profit growth in FY 2022.


The company concludes a successful year with 104 million NIS net profit, 166 million NIS EBITDA, cash flow of 73 million NIS, and distributed a total dividend of 50 million NIS to shareholders amounting to a 5% yield.

We continue to create synergies with German company MCT, purchased about a year ago.

Development is underway on our American factory in the areas of Bondyram and Polytron, the production line for the engineering thermoplastic products was recently completed.

We have positioned the recycling sector as a growth engine and are progressing to use recycled materials through its factories in England, Germany, and Israel.

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Bondyram® TL : Coffee Capsules – barrier properties


As coffee is the most consumed beverage by volume, high demand for coffee globally is one of the major factors responsible for the growing popularity of coffee pods among consumers. The reason for this market’s growth is Its one-time-use and disposable features.

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Trends in the Automotive Industry

Electric and autonomous vehicles figured prominently at this year’s Plastic In Automotive Engineering (PIAE) Congress, with the transition to electric vehicles forecast to take place in the near future. This development raises a number of challenges for plastic automotive parts. Cooling systems will be based less on water and oil cooling and more on efficient dissipation of heat from the plastic parts themselves. This demands significantly enhancing the heat conduction of the polymer compounds while conserving their mechanical properties.



Polyram’s engineers report on the latest trends in the automotive industry as reflected in the recent PIAE congress and exhibition held in March of this year: electric and autonomous vehicles, focus on surface textures, plastics for the outer chassis, and a continuation of efforts to reduce weight.

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The NPE Exhibition- Florida USA

The NPE exhibition, which takes place every three years in the US and coordinates all polymer activity in North America, is the second most important exhibition after the K in Germany.
According to information from the exhibition more than 2100 companies from 121 countries were exhibiting this year, and Polyram was there right in the thick of it!
In a joint pavilion of Polyram and  Polyram USA –distributing Bondyram® products in North America, we were proud to promote the company’s new Bondyram® plant at Evansville Indiana. Read More

Impact Modified POM Concentrate – A Unique New Product from Polyram

Polyram is already an expert in providing high quality Polyoxymethylene (POM) and an Impact Modified POM compound that guarantees high impact resistance despite the natural brittleness of the original Acetal polymer. Read More

REACH- Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals by Polyram

Polyram strives to be at the cutting edge of advances in standardization and regulatory compliance. Our customers for Bondyram®, for irrigation and water sector materials and for other industries, all benefit from the fact that we serve the automotive industry and thus adhere to strict standards. Read More

UL94 Standard- Tests for Flammability by Polyram

Polyram strives to be at the cutting edge of advances in standardization and regulatory compliance. Our customers for Bondyram®, for irrigation and water sector materials and for other industries, all benefit from the fact that we serve the automotive industry and thus adhere to strict standards. Read More

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