Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Environmental report

We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impacts of our products, and

of our organization as a whole.

In the last few years, Polyram began an extensive Carbon Management campaign, spearheaded by our COO.

The campaign, which marks an important step toward addressing climate risks, included a market review, data collection, and a first time GHG calculation for the company, which was verified by a third party and will be used as a baseline for future emissions targets.

We received a B on our 2021 CDP report, the first submission for Polyram, and one of many stages within this Carbon Management program.

The CDP disclosure and this Environmental Report are examples of ways in which we are working to improve our transparency.

This report, the first of its kind for Polyram, summarizes the key components of our global environmental activities in 2021 and 2022 and outlines our commitment to further expanding such activities in the coming years. Moving forward, we hope to expand this report to include all aspects of an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

To read our report:  Environmental Report 2022


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