Sustainability Recycling

The Polyram UK operation at Lydney, Gloucestershire was established in 1978 and has been processing engineering compounds continuously since then.

The site specializes mainly in technical compounds of Nylons , polyesters and manufactures and markets a range of industrial grades, based on controlled sources of materials (both pre and post-consumer).

With Polyram UK’s enhanced capabilities we are able to offer cost effective and highly controlled compositions  of Nylons under the POLYRAMID™ branding and other polymers such as PET, under the “BEETLE™” branding .

The business has offered both end of life and closed loop recovery of external waste streams for many years.

Toll compounding and contract manufacturing services to the plastics industry are part of the activity.

Consider  us as a confidential provider of additional production capabilities and as a partner for formulation and process expertise to bring your products to market.

As an extension of customer’s production operation, we can take raw materials, production specifications and packaging and provide a finished product with high  performance and quality characteristics.

As a full service contract manufacturer, operating under a toll manufacturing agreement, raw material procurement, product manufacturing, full testing and QC, custom packaging and logistics services are provided.

The mentioned services are not limited to the processing of materials supplied by our customers.

Our toll compounding services allow our customers to take advantages of Polyram’s extensive technical, engineering and manufacturing experience with custom thermoplastic compounds.


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