Long Glass Fibers-Polytron®

High performance  and Automotive standards LGF

Polytron® is A PP or PA LGF compound , fully impregnated through pulltrusion Process which Offers exceptional Properties for weight and Cost reduction.
With pellet length of 7-25mm and a range of 20%-60% of LGF content ,

Polytron® Products family consist of Tailor made solutions to the Industry’s vast requirements , such as:

  •  Polytron® LE – Follows  OEM’s Strict low emission requirements.
  •  Polytron® HS – Fulfills highest heat stability requirements.
  • Polytron® CR- Offer Climate resistant Properties including UV resistance.
  • Polytron® UP-  Ultra Performance  & safety , with exceptional impact resistance  Features, especially at low temperatures.
  • Polytron® CE- Cost Effective “One grade fits all Solutions” – offering Materials that are Proofed for all OEMs, in concentrate and full compound options

Increasing the Polytron® Products’ Family through innovation is one of the Key Pillars of moving forward.

Polytron®- Adding value every step of the way.    Read our molding guide

5 Top product TDS’s:
Polytron P60B11-S
Polytron® P20B01
Polytron® P30B01
Polytron® P40B01 
Polytron® P50B01  

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