Polyram MCT Germany

With a history spanning over 30 years, Polyram MCT has consistently excelled in the development, research, and production of application-optimized polypropylenes using state-of-the-art twin-screw compounding systems.

Our extensive experience, coupled with ongoing technological advancements and progressive manufacturing processes, positions us as a reliable and competent partner for your plastics needs.

The company MCT Misch & Compoundier Technik, established over three decades ago, became part of Polyram Plastic Industries in 2022.

Polyram MCT combines the production technology of a flexible, medium-sized raw material manufacturer with decades of expertise in product development and project processing.


Production Capacity: Approximately 20,000 tons per t/a

Specialization: Polypropylene compounds and thermoplastic elastomers

Development Capacity: Equipped with our own laboratory featuring standard testing options for plastics and elastomers, including color analysis.

Cooperation Agreements: Engaged in partnerships with institutes for basic research, material development, and the utilization of special manufacturing, measurement, and analysis processes (e.g., two-component injection molding/extrusion, rheometer, TGA, DSC, DMA, IR).

For our Q.A Certificates: https://polyram-group.com/qehs/polyram-mct/

Main Products:

Thermoplastic Elastomers:

Karilen®-E  represents high-quality, application-optimized materials with rubber-elastic properties and thermoplastic processing behavior.

Polypropylene compounds

Karilen®-P  is Polyram MCT’s trade name for all mineral-filled and reinforced polypropylene compounds.

At Polyram MCT-Germany, we are dedicated to providing high level polypropylene compounds and thermoplastic elastomers through advanced compounding systems, ensuring application-specific optimization for our valued customers.

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